6 Facebook Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Marketing Landscape is constantly changing in 2018.If you do not adopt yourself with the changes, you will only lose.Facebook is changing its algorithm, SEO is getting difficult day bay day and so on. Garlic Digital presents you 5 tips that will keep you updated and ahead in the competition.


1. No alternative to good content

Paid or organic, no matter what your method is, content  always will be king. Even though organic reach is declining,good content can still beat this rule and get a much more engagement. For paid ads, if you are not using engaging content, your advertising expenses will be higher.So as small business, you have to build your marketing strategy around quality content.

2. Video is still the king

Facebook’s algorithm always keeps the vieo at top. As a Digital Marketing Agency, we have seen tons of success by using engaging video contents for different businesses. But the priority of the video should not be sales focused, instead it should be to generate more brand awareness.You should also keep your video very short, probably within 100 seconds, as we have seen shorter video gets more view then longer videos. Most important part while creating the video is to remember that, you have to capture your audience’s attention within first  10 seconds, otherwise they are going to leave.

3. Modify and share your best performing contents

Even your top performing posts will not reach 100% of your audience. So to make sure it reaches more and more people, you have to Re-share your best performing contents. Its okay to re-share the contents across Facebook and other social media platforms. But make sure not to overdo it, because some of your fanbase may get annoyed.

4. Utilize Facebook Insights

Insights provides you data about how your Facebook Page is performing with the details of Demographics, Performance of recent posts , etc. This helps you understand how people are engaging with your page and helps you to make marketing decisions.

5. Messenger Marketing and Chatbot

More than a billion people use Facebook Messenger in 2018 and the numbers are increasing.ChatBot can automatically communicate with people in a more interactive way. ChatBot can address people with their name, gender & time of day. They can interact with your audience in a more intelligent way.It’s a modern version of email marketing. Once people subscribe to your Bot, you can communicate with them periodically. You can turn on notification based on consumer behaviour on messenger.

6. Customer Service on Facebook

Even Big brands are using Facebook as customer touch point. They will reply to customer comment, they will chat with customer who knocks them on messenger. With Facebook , customers can easily communicate with your small business, once you engage to their query, your brand awareness will increase and you will find potential customer on your Facebook Page.

7. Retargeting Ads

As a small business, you most probably have a website where you sell your product or service. Your website may not sell, but you generate lead or provide information about your product or service. So, you receive traffic to your site by organic or paid ads. Most probably very few people will purchase your service or opt-in to your lead magnet. But with Retargeting ads, you can target people who visited your site but left without converting. It is very simple, you have to put a tracking code called “Pixel” on your site and you will be able to track people who visited your site but left without purchasing. If you are running Facebook ads but not utilizing re-targeting, you are only wasting your money.

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