Why Not To Boos Facebook Post & What To Do Instead !

If you run a Small Business or You have a Facebook Page, most probably you are boosting your Posts to get more impressions and engagements.

Its super easy to boost a Facebook post, you can do it without leaving your page. But there are some strong reason you should not do that-

  • You can not chose your campaign objective while boosting your posts
  • Can not utilize wide range of targeting options available in Facebook
  • You can not chose Ad Placement
  • Little scope to narrow down your targeting, so Boosting costs a lot more!
  • ¬†You dont get to see In-depth data insight .

What to do instead?

You can manage your Facebook promotion more efficiently with Ads Manager.

In Ad manager you can chose your desired Business Objective, You can A/B test your target audiences and Adverts, You can even optimize your promotion based on generated data insight.

Ad-Manager gives you control on your Ads and provides a increased ROI

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